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Road Roller

Introduction to Road Roller
A Road roller compresses surfaces through making use of its weight. A pneumatic-tyred roller is used to do the initial compaction of substrates. The roller has two rows (front and back) of pneumatic tyres. The flexibility of the tyres and the slight vertical movement of the wheels make the roller effective on uneven ground operations. The metal-drum rollers are used to make the ground smooth and even.

Applications of Road Roller
The road roller is a kind of paving equipment widely used for compacting operations in large engineering projects such as the construction of highways, railways, airfield runways, large dams, stadiums and so on. It can compact gravel, sand soil, semi-cohesive soil, cohesive soil, and bituminous concrete during the construction of roads and foundations.
The roller-compactor is also used for to compact land filling. In general, these rollers have knobbed wheels that do not have a smooth surface. The knobs also facilitate the compression activity.

As a professional road roller manufacturer in China, we can provide various kinds of construction machinery, such as road rollers, wheel loaders, and bulldozers, etc. Our products have received 3C certification and ISO9001-2000 certification, and are widely used in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and more.
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Parameters of Road Roller

Type RD-1 RD-2
Operating weight 12100kg 14000kg
Drum weight 7100kg 8200kg
Drum diameter 1550mm 1550mm
Drum width 2130mm 2130mm
Static linear load 333N/cm 385N/CM
Travel speed I Gear 4.3 km/h 4.3km/h
II Gear 6.4km/h 6.4km/h
III Gear 9.2km/h 9.2km/h
Frequency 30Hz 30Hz
Theoretical amplitude 1.7/0.85mm 1.8/0.9mm
Centrifugal force 247/127KN 260/130KN
Min turning radius 6300mm 6300mm
Grade ability 50% 45%
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 5688×2270×3200 5688×2270×3200
Engine type 6BT5.9 6BT5.9
Speed 2400r/min 2400r/min
Engine power 112kw 112kw
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