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Road Wrecker

Road wrecker, also known as trailer, is made of a chassis, lifting device, tractor, hydraulic pressure system, electric control system, body and toolbox, etc. It has the functions of lifting, pulling and towing, etc. The road wrecker can be used to tow damaged cars, cars that are illegally parked, and for car rescue.

Categories of Road Wrecker
1. Our road wrecker include towing and lifting united type, towing and lifting separated type, flat type which can tow two cars at the same time, rotating type, and hydraulic automatic clamping type, etc.
2. Different road wreckers are produced for towing trucks with 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 80 tons, etc. 
3. According to their operational capacity, they can be divided into light-duty type, mid-heavy type and extra-heavy type. The light-duty type road wrecker is suitable for light-duty vehicle, minibus and cars, etc. The mid-heavy type is designed for mid-heavy trucks and large and middle-sized passenger cars. The extra-heavy type road wrecker is suitable for heavy motor truck and heavy semi trailer trucks, etc.

As a professional road wrecker manufacturer in China, our company can produce a variety of road wreckers, which are of reliable performance and high operating speed, etc. They have passed ISO9001-2000 certification and 3C certification. Due to their high quality and versatility, they are quite popular with our customers in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries.

We welcome prospective users of wreckers to contact us.

Parameters of Road Wrecker

model RW-1 RW-2 RW-3 RW-4 RW-5 RW-6 RW-7
Dime- nsion length mm 11280 7390 11100, 10700 11210,11235 7670 9185 10430
width mm 2495 2200 2500 2496 2200 2495 2496
height mm 3790 2610 3600 3820 2610 2880,3130 3600
Pay loading kg 11000 1200 5000 10000 900 4500 6000
Front suspension mm 1362 1120 1510 1500 1120 1465 1500
Wheel base mm 1995+4407 +1370 3800 1800+4600 +1350 1800+4200 +1350 1800+4600 +1350, 1800+4575 +1400 3800 6000 5800+1400
Rear suspension mm 2146 2470 1840 1960 2330 1720 1730
Kerb weight kg 32520 5100 25870 27870 5400 12820 17450
G.V.W kg 43650 6495 31000 38000 6495 17515 23580
Axle no. 4 2 4 4 2 2 3
Tire 315/80R22.5 7.50-16 11.00-20 ,12.00-20 11.00-20 11.00R20 12.00-20, 12.00R20 7.50-16 8.25-16 11.00R20 11.00-20 11.00R20 12.00-20, 12.00R20
Spring no. 2/3/11
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