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Concrete Pump Truck

Introduction to our Concrete Pump Truck:
1. In order to produce high-quality concrete pump trucks, we have adopted advanced technology such as computer simulation, optimization of the hydraulic system and boom construction, as well as used imported materials from well-known companies.
2. Other factors that may affect performance of the truck, such as stress, its frequency of use and displacement are also taken into consideration during design and manufacture.
3. The boom system, landing leg, oil tanker and other parts undergo a process of stress relieving after welding. Each welding seam undergoes 100%NDE (nondestructive evaluation) or X-radial check, to identify any defects.
4. Due to finite element analysis and dynamics simulation analysis, the reliable performance of boom construction can be guaranteed.

Characteristics of Concrete Pump Truck:
1. Our concrete pump truck is fitted with an emergency braking device and automatic elevator, which reduce fuel consumption.
2. The delivery ability of the pump is of infinite variable control.
3. The extending speed of the boom can be of infinite variable control.
4. The rotary speed of the boom has the feature of infinite variable control.
5. All the key components of concrete pump truck are imported from world-famous companies.

Other details include:
Features of the Hydraulic System:
1. The closed hydraulically driven system consists of two pumps, which ensure large output and low wastage.
2. In comparison with the open circuit system, closed circuit systems need a smaller oil tanker, where oil flows gently and is not easily emulsified.
3. It is designed without a fussy reserving valve in order to reduce the reserves impact and avoid high oil temperatures.
4. Special cushion technology can reduce the high pressure value. Even in cases of large concrete output, the vibration of aggregate carrying pipe is very little and the rear part of it is steady.
5. With electric proportional control valve, the output of concrete can be controlled according to the actual need.

Boom System:
The boom materials (high strength cold roll steel) are from Swedish SSAB. The yield strength of the steel is above 900Mpa. The fold boom can be of infinite variable control.

Boom Rotary Apparatus:
Boom rotary apparatus in boom system adopts materials from German ROTHE ERDE or Italian Companies. The material used is 42CrMo, which is of high strength and is durable.

Imported from Italian EMMEGI

Pump System:
Big diameter transmission pipe (230); big power pump.

Incising Ring:
It has a hard alloy glass frame that is durable and easy to maintain.

The bucket has a big capacity. The absence of dead angles makes it easy to clean.

Remote Control Apparatus
The remote control apparatus is imported from Germany HBC and is light in weight. By simply using the control rod, it can operate the aggregate carrying pipe.

Transfer Case and Pump
Transfer case and pump are the key components of power switch and transmission. We adopt an imported Germany STEIBEL transfer case and REXROTH pump to ensure reliable performance.

High Pressure Pump
The high pressure pump is easy to clean.

Electric Cabinet
All the component parts of the electric cabinet are imported. For example, CPU and other control modules are imported from SIEMENS, Germany.

Automatic Lubricating System
This ensures that all the necessary parts are adequately lubricated.
Proportional Multiple Unit Valve
Imported German HAWE valve

Imported German REXROTH valve

The hydraulic oil from the oil tanker is filtered and then transmitted to the hydraulic pump.

Grease Dirt Indicator
The indicator can indicate the core filter's degree of pollution change it in real-time.

Pollution Degree Check Device
The device is designed to ensure that the level of pollution of hydraulic oil particle is above Nas7, in order to increase the lifespan of the hydraulic system.

Hose Buckling Equipment
Imported from Germany, HYDAC

Baking Finish Room
Professional advanced baking finish room helps prolong the lifespan of the oil paint
Germany EMB Connector and Italian Hose

Filtering Equipment
The filtering equipment is fitted with 4 sets of precise filters, so the quality of hydraulic oil can be guaranteed.

Parameter of 37m Concrete Pump Truck:

Output in theory 125 m3/h
Index of the pump carry capacity 586 MPa.m3/h
Max. Concrete pressure 12/6 MPa
Bucket volume 620 L
Height of top surface of bucket 1400 mm
Model of distribution valve S shape valve
Max. operation radius 38 m
Max. operation height 41.8 m
Max. operation depth 28 m
Open height of aggregate carrying pipe 8450 mm
Distance between front landing legs 6200 mm
Distance between rear landing leg 6600 mm
Distance between front & rear landing leg 7100 mm
Diameter of delivery pipe 125 mm
Length of rear hose pipe 4 m
Rotary range of aggregate carrying pipe 370°
Quantity of boom 4
Rotary angle of each boom 100° /180° /180° /240°
Remote control distance 33 m
Remote control distance 200 m
Parameter during running

As an experienced concrete pump truck manufacturer in China, we not only offer concrete pump trucks, but also concrete mixer trucks, water tank trucks, garbage trucks, road wreckers, terminal trucks and so on. Our products have received ISO9001-2000 certification and 3C certification. They are quite popular with our customers in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries.

We welcome users of concrete pump trucks from all over the world to contact us.

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