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Powder Tank Vehicle

Powder tank vehicle is mainly used for transporting bulk powder such as bulk cement, flour, coal, talc powder and so on.

Design Requirements of Powder Tank Vehicle:
1. Powder tank vehicle should have the following characteristics: leak-proof, high discharging speed and efficiency. After discharge, the remaining materials should be less than four parts per thousand of the total loading weight.
2. When the powder tank vehicle is discharging materials, the specific value of discharging mass is divided by the discharging time to arrive at the average discharging speed. When the discharging operation is finished, the ratio of the remaining mass in the tank to the rated loading mass is the residual rate.
Discharging speed and residual rate reflect the working performance and economical efficiency of powder tank vehicles.
3. Powder tank vehicles are often used for short-distance transportation. So when designing the vehicle, we try best to improve discharging speed and reduce residual rate. The discharging speed and residual rate are main indicators to evaluate the performance of powder tank vehicle. The high performance of our powder tank vehicles also make them economical in fuel consumption.

Apart from powder tank vehicles, we are involved in the production of other kinds of special heavy trucks, such as concrete mixer trucks, concrete pump trucks, garbage trucks and so on. As an experienced powder tank vehicles manufacturer in China, we also offer tractor trucks, semi trailers, construction machinery and dump trucks, etc. They have passed ISO9001-200 certification and 3C certification, and are exported to Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and more.

Parameters of Powder Tank Vehicle

Vehicle name Bulk Powder Goods Tanker
Type of vehicle Special vehicle
Vehicle model JYJ5310GFLC
SDRC car installment Notice F9(159)
Exemption NO
Engine Model WD615.92 WD615.93 WD615.93E Engine Power (kw) 196 213 213
Engine Capacity 9726ML Engine Manufacturers China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.
Engine Trademark SINOTRUK Combustion Type Diesel oil
Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 11990×2500×3930 Loading Space Breast Board in Size (L×W×H)(mm) 0×0×0
The total mass( Kg) 31000 In the Quality of the Utilization Factor 0
Kerb Mass (kg) 16900 Rated Contained Mass (kg) 13970
Approach / departure angle (°) 16/12 Front Overhanging/ Rear Overhanging (mm) 1500/2740 1500/2715
Wheelbase (mm) 1800+4600+1350 1800+4575+1400 Axle-load 6200 6800 18000( twin axle )
Shaft number 4 Maximum Speed (km/h) 90,102
Oil Consumption Spring Films left14right13/left14right13/12
Tire number 12 Tire Specification 11.00-20 12.00-20
Track front 0 Track Rear 0
To form Steering wheel Starting Way
Other Tank volume: 36 cubic meters Tank size (mm):length: 9510( straight segment length 8225) External diameter φ2460mm Transport medium: black pigment N375 Density:345±50kg/cubic meter
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