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Aircraft Hauling Tractor

Aircraft hauling tractor is a kind of civil aviation ground maintenance equipment which can push and tow aircrafts lighter than 200 tones.

Characteristics of Aircraft Hauling Tractor:
1. Hydraulic mechanical transmission
(1) Combined with mechanical transmission box, the hydraulic transmission system can operate at a speed of 0-30km/h without shift (no-load) and 0-9km/h without shift (pulling an aircraft).
(2) While pulling an aircraft, the aircraft hauling tractor has reliable performance without the risk of power failure.
(3) The hydraulic transmission has good micro motion ability and its slowest running speed is 0.1 km/h.
(4) Has dynamic braking capability
The truck will decelerate gradually when the accelerograph is loosened.
2. Full-time Four-wheel Drive
Four-wheel drive is available at any time.
In most cases, the weight of the four-wheel drive can converted into driving force.
3. Strong Generality
Our aircraft hauling tractor has strong tractive force and a wide range of traction lock height.
4. Four Steering Mode
Four steering mode and a computer controlled steering system enables the four wheels to roll at any situation, which makes the tires more durable.

As a professional aircraft hauling tractor manufacturer in China, we can provide many other products, such as tractor trucks, semi trailers and construction machinery, etc. Our products have passed 3C certification and ISO9001-2000 certification. They are well received in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and more.

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