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    1. Dump Semi TrailerThe features of this self tipping trailer include a high carrying capacity, reliable performance, low center of gravity and stable operation, etc. Its loading mass is 25-45 tones. Our dump semi trailer is an ideal vehicle for transporting various bulk cargo such as ore, powder particles, and gravel, etc. It can also be ...
    1. Container Semi TrailerContainer semi trailer, just as the name suggests, is specifically designed for the transportation of containers. Other types include semi trailers, full trailers, and double trailers. Of these, the semi trailers are the most used.
      The skeleton trailer uses its skeleton to support containers. It can only be used to transport containers that ...
    1. Low Bed Semi TrailerLow bed semi trailers are mainly designed for transporting goods that are too wide or too high for common trailers.
      These trailers have 250mm extenders at each side to facilitate convenient transportation of wide goods.
    1. Bulk Cement Semi TrailerBulk cement semi trailer is also known as powder particle material trailer. It is made up of a special-purpose automotive chassis, bulk cement tank body, automatic discharging device and other parts.
      Both the ferrous & nonferrous metal (stainless steel & aluminum) tank body is designed in compliance with ...
    1. Tank Semi TrailerThe tank body of tank semi trailer can be made of stainless steel and carbon steel. If required, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum tank, lining rubber, plastic tank, glass steel tank are also available choices.
      The shape of the tank can be rectangular, elliptic, and circular, etc.

Descriptions of Semi Trailer
A semi trailer is pulled by a tractor trailer. These trailers can be connected to tractor heads which use the latest diesel 4-stroke direct injection engine.
The front part of the trailer is connected to the truck saddle in such a way that the truck bears part of the weight of trailer, making it a semi trailer. If the truck only pulls the trailer to move but does not bear the weight of the trailer, it is full trailer.

To meet the various requirements of customers, our company produces dump semi trailers, container semi trailers, low bed semi trailers, bulk cement semi trailers and tank semi trailers, etc. They have different characteristics and applications. For example, low bed semi trailers can be used to transport goods that are too high or wide for normal trailers.

Our dump semi trailers, container semi trailers and other products are well received by our customers in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and more. If you want to get more information about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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