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Dump Semi Trailer

Features and Applications of Dump Semi Trailer:
The hydraulic system of the dump semi trailer comprises of a European sleeve-type front-positioned cylinder and pump valve, etc.
The features of this self tipping trailer include a high carrying capacity, reliable performance, low center of gravity and stable operation, etc. Its loading mass is 25-45 tones. Our dump semi trailer is an ideal vehicle for transporting various bulk cargo such as ore, powder particles, and gravel, etc. It can also be used to transport bulk commodities with a small repose angle. Downloading of materials is easy.

Descriptions of Specific Type of Dump Semi Trailers:
1. Dump Semi Trailer DS-1
Dump semi trailer is a newly developed double bridge heavy duty truck.
Its carriage volume: 25.4 m3
Max. carrying capacity is 22.1 ton.
Curb Weight is 11.56 ton.
It has sinciput cylinder. Front board and side boards are fixed. The rear board can be opened to discharge the goods.
Our dump semi trailer is applicable for the transportation of coal, granular cement and grain, etc.
2. Dump Semi Trailer DS-2
Dump semi trailer is a three-bridge self tipping trailer.
Its carriage volume is 36.4 m3
Max. carrying capacity is 31.1 ton.
Curb Weight is 12.87 ton.
It is ideal for transporting coal, granular cement and grain etc.
3. Dump Semi Trailer DS-3
Dump semi trailer is a side tipping semi-trailer.
Its carriage volume is 30 m3.
Max. carrying capacity is 25 ton.
Curb Weight is 12 ton.
It has a multi-stage cylinder and its carriage is rectangular.
Its front/rear boards and right-side board are fixed, and thus the goods are discharged from the left side of truck.
It can be used to transport coal, granular cement and grain, etc.
4. Dump Semi Trailer DS-4
Dump semi trailer is a side tipping semi-trailer.
Its carriage volume is 30-35 m3
Max. Carrying Capacity is 40 ton.
The carriage is frameless, making it is easy to deform.
During operation, shift centre-of-gravity is small.

Our company is a professional dump semi trailer manufacturer in China specializing in the production of dump trucks, tractor trucks, special heavy trucks, and construction machinery, etc. All of our products have passed 3C certification and ISO9001-2000 certification. They sell well in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and more.

Parameters of Dump Semi Trailer:

Item Technical Requirement
Dump Trailer Type DS-1 DS-2 DS-3 DS-4
Trailer Train (mm) Length 13100 13672 14000 14496
Width 2492 2492 2498 2495
Height 3410 3557 3500 3500
Semi-trailer Length (mm) 8500 9300 10730
Width (mm) 2300 2300 2498
Height (mm) 1300 1700 3500
Carriage Volume (m3) 25.4 36.4 29.9 (39.6) 31.5
Semi-trailer Weight Wheelbase (mm) 5540+1300 5050+1300+1300 6230+1300 6525+1350
Wheel-center-distance (mm) 1820 1820 1840 1860
Front/rear overhang 1430/1150 1580/1150 1958 1576/786
Departure angle 33 26 19
Curb weight 11566 12866 12055 15250
Rated carrying-capacity 22100 31000 24945
Total mass 33666 43866 37000
Max. saddle weight 12296 15507 11400
Vehicle- bridge Axle number 2 3 2 2
Tyre size 12.00-20 12.00-20 12.00-20 12.00-20
Tyre number 8 12 8 8
Model Stamping and welding Stamping and welding Stamping and welding Stamping and welding
Breaking System Service Braking Double-loop brake Double-loop brake Double-loop brake Double-loop brake
Parking Braking Exhaust brake Exhaust brake Exhaust brake Spring breaking
Emergency Braking Exhaust brake Exhaust brake Exhaust brake Exhaust brake
Suspension Model Duplex Duplex Duplex
No. of leaf spring 7 7 9
Outrigger Model mechanism or manual, worm-worm gear duplex double-speed
Manufacturer JOST Zhenjiang Baohua
Wheelbase (mm) Tractor 1st to 2nd axis 3450 2925
2nd to 3rd axis 1450 1350
Tractor's 3rd axis to 1st axis of Semi-trailer 4365 4080 6525
Semi-trailer 1st to 2nd axis 1300 1300
2nd to 3rd axis 1300
Traction pin to 1st axis of semi-trailer 5540 5050
Min. ground clearance (mm) Semi-trailer 403 403 403
Min. turning radius (mm) 18 18.4 18
Outrigger terrain clearance (mm) 403 403 403
Distance between outrigger and 1st axis of the semi-trailer (mm) 2546 2546 3632
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