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    1. Flatbed TrailerAs a professional trailer manufacturer in China, we are engaged in the production of flat bed container trailers for road transportation.
      The flatbed trailer has no sides or roof. It is constructed by firmly fixing a flat platform on top of 2, 3 or more axles and wheels.
    1. Skeleton TrailerThe skeleton trailer, also known as container transport semi trailer, is widely used for transporting containers.
      The frame of the skeleton trailer adopts a penetrate-beam structure. Its side member is made of high-intensity manganese steel, which is welded to H pattern and has an automatically submerged arc.
Container Semi Trailer

Descriptions of Container Semi Trailer
Container semi trailer, just as the name suggests, is specifically designed for the transportation of containers. Other types include semi trailers, full trailers, and double trailers. Of these, the semi trailers are the most used.

Classifications of Container Semi Trailer
1. There are two kinds of container semi trailers: flatbed trailer and skeleton trailer. The loading position of flatbed trailer is in the form of a flat platform. Containers and other long or large cargo can be put on the flat platform for transportation.
The skeleton trailer uses its skeleton to support containers. It can only be used to transport containers that are of a simple structure, light deadweight and easy maintenance, etc.
2. According to the structure, container semi trailers can be classified as the straight type container semi trailer and gooseneck type container semi trailer. The straight type container semi trailer can be used to transport containers which have a flat bottom, while the gooseneck type container semi trailer is specially designed for transporting containers with a fluted bottom.

Our container semi trailers have received ISO9001-2000 certification and 3C certification. They are quite popular in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and more. Please contact us if you are interested in our products.

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