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Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

Features and Applications of Bulk Cement Semi Trailer
1. Bulk cement semi trailer is also known as powder particle material trailer. It is made up of a special-purpose automotive chassis, bulk cement tank body, automatic discharging device and other parts.
2. Both the ferrous & nonferrous metal (stainless steel & aluminum) tank body is designed in compliance with GB18564-2001. It is highly corrosion-resistant.
3. Tanker series include LPG Tank Semi-trailer, Powder Cement Transport Semi-trailer, and Milk Tank Semi-trailer, etc.
4. Our bulk cement semi trailer is quite suitable for the bulk transportation of fly ash, cement, lime powder, mineral powder and other powdered materials with a diameter less than 0.1mm. It is mainly used in cement plants, cement warehouses, and large-size construction sites, etc. By using it, the need for large quantities of packaging materials and discharging work is eliminated.
5. Moreover, the semi trailer can be connected to our tractor head.

Some Information about our company
As a professional bulk cement semi trailer manufacturer in China, we have the capacity to offer individualized services for our customers.
Due to the high production capacity and outstanding performance, our tanker trucks and other heavy-duty trucks are now quite popular among our customers in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Peru, Cuba, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, Algeria, Ukraine, Russia, and more.
If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Specification for Bulk Cement Trailer
1. Main Equipment of Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

No. Name Quantity/Unit Model
1 JOST kingpin 1 KZ1012/3.5"
2 Landing leg 1 set JOST D200T
3 Steel spring 10 piece/90*13 6 FUYUAN
4 Mechanic suspension of three axle 1 set FUWA /axle 1310mm
5 Axle 3 SAF/KII KERZM12742, 2 axle have ABS
6 Rim 12 ZHENGXING/8.50-20
7 Tire 12 Jiatong/12.00R20
8 Electric system Bunch + Lamps 1 set Entire airproof bunch + lamps
seven core socket 1 BAOWEI
9 Braking system Emergency relay valve 1 HALDEX
Air reservoir 2 40L
Double braking chamber 4 30/30
Single braking chamber 2 30
Handle joint 1/1 ISO Standard joint
Handle valve 1 Pneumatic
10 Tire bracket 2
11 Tool box 1 1500*540*620

2. Main Specification of Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

No. Specification Numerical Value
1 Outside dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 13000*2500*4000
2 Wheelbase (mm) 8110+1310+1310
3 Front/rear suspension /820
4 Rated Payload (kg) 26500
5 Vehicle total weight(kg) Approx.13300
6 G.V.W (kg) Approx.39800

3. Main Materials and Manufacturing Technology of Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

No. Main Components Spare Parts Standard Material Main manufacture Technology
1 Raw material of vehicle Using technology (sand blasting and pre-besmear primer) to deal with the surface of raw material
2 The girder of vehicle frame Upper & lower wing-plate (mm) 14/14 16Mn Using hidden arc welding to deal with the girder
Belly-plate (mm) 6 16Mn
Module height of the girder 450
3 The group welding of the vehicle Welded by CO2 gas protection welding
4 Welding line of the vehicle Using second time sand blasting
5 Painting system Acrylic acid modify alkyd paint Using technology (painting and roast). Painting color: yellow

Technical Specification of Cement Tank Body
1. Main Specification of Cement Tank Body

No. Specification Numerical Value
1 Outside Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 11950×2500×3280
2 The tank effective volume (m3) 55
3 Rated volume (m3) 55
4 Manhole and ventilation valve 2
5 Pipeline system 3″
6 Ladder and walking platform 1

2. Main Materials and Manufacturing Technology of Cement Tank Body

No. Main components Spare Parts Standard Material Main Manufacture Technology
1 Tank body 6 Q235-A Welded by CO2 gas protection welding, single face welding double face molding, molded by 6 m lapping machine
2 Tank head 6 Q235-A Molded by automatic revolved machine
3 Air Compressor DANDONG 10 M⒊
4 Painting system Acrylic acid modify alkyd paint Using technology (painting and roast).
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