We are a heavy truck manufacturer in China. We specialize in dump trucks, tractor trucks, semi trailers, special heavy trucks, construction machinery, etc.

Since its establishment in 1995, our company holds that quality is of the highest importance; we understand that only products of superior quality will be popular in the market.

We have a quality guarantee with our raw-material suppliers. All materials are inspected, and only those that qualify are put into production. During production, we implement strict quality control measures. There are specialized personnel in every department who supervise the entire production process to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. These measures enable us to supply high-quality products, while at the same time reducing costs.

    1. Side Dump Truck
    2. Side Dump TruckOur side dump truck is produced in accordance with the standards stipulated by China.
      The axels, suspension, braking and electric systems of our side dump trucks are either of Chinese brand or imported from Germany.
    1. 4×2 Tractor Truck
    2. 4×2 Tractor TruckWe adopt the most popular molding techniques when designing the driving cab of the 4×2 tractor truck. Its component parts are the ones that are commonly used in heavy-duty trucks.
      Our 4×2 tractor truck has received ISO9001-2000, 3C and other quality certifications.
    1. Dump Semi Trailer
    2. Dump Semi TrailerThe features of this self tipping trailer include a high carrying capacity, reliable performance, low center of gravity and stable operation, etc. Its loading mass is 25-45 tones. Our dump semi trailer is an ideal vehicle for transporting various bulk cargo such as ore, powder particles, and gravel, etc. It can also be ...
    1. Tank Semi Trailer
    2. Tank Semi TrailerThe tank body of tank semi trailer can be made of stainless steel and carbon steel. If required, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum tank, lining rubber, plastic tank, glass steel tank are also available choices.
      The shape of the tank can be rectangular, elliptic, and circular, etc.
    1. Powder Tank Vehicle
    2. Powder Tank VehiclePowder tank vehicle should have the following characteristics: leak-proof, high discharging speed and efficiency. After discharge, the remaining materials should be less than four parts per thousand of the total loading weight.
      When the powder tank vehicle is discharging materials, the specific value of discharging mass is ...
    1. Terminal Tractor
    2. Terminal TractorOur terminal tractor has the same performance with the like products in the world.
      It has a competitively low price.
      The generalized component parts help to reduce the maintenance cost.
    1. Crawler Bulldozer
    2. Crawler BulldozerThe crawler bulldozer is a kind of semi-rigid suspended vehicle, which has power shift and adopts a hydraulic control system.
      Our crawler bulldozer is suitable for road construction, port building, water and electricity engineering, farmland ...